Who We Are

The Love Yourself Box is a monthly curated subscription box for caregivers. Founder, Keri Walsh, created The Love Yourself Box to help create a culture of self-care amongst caregivers.

Caregivers give selflessly each day and so often forget to take the time to practice self-care. It is our goal that The Love Yourself Box will create a community of caregivers practicing self-care in the pursuit of becoming the best caregivers we can be.

It's important for caregivers to take time daily for themselves because before we can love and care for anyone, we must love and care for ourselves.

What We Do

The Love Yourself Box, LLC provides caregivers with a monthly curated subscription box full of items to help them on their self-care/self-love journey.

Each month caregivers will receive a monthly affirmation, self-care checklist with 30 self-care activities to complete throughout the month, and 4 to 6 products to promote journaling, arts or crafting, rest & relaxation, and stress relief.

In addition, caregivers are invited to join our members-only Facebook group where subscribers will receive valuable content to improve upon all areas of their self-care.

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