Let Negativity Go!

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How many times do you find yourself choosing negativity over positivity? Do you find it easier to choose positivity in certain situations and negativity in others?

Personally, for me, I find that choosing positivity in the morning before all of the stressors have hit is much easier than later on in the day when I’m feeling the overwhelm of doing it all set it.

Negativity has a domino effect, once we allow it in it is easier for it to continue to spiral downwards.

I want to encourage each of you to make the following changes in your lives:

  • Unfollow a friend on social media who posts negative content.
  • Step away from relationships that are not helping you in your caregiving journey.
  • Say no to something or things that you simply can’t take on.
  • Stop beating yourself up.

Caregiving is difficult. We aren’t perfect and that’s okay. Try your best and know that you are an amazing caregiver!

Caregiving is tough, but you are so much tougher!

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