Let’s Talk Caregiver Burnout

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, (insert your choice adjective here) during your caregiver journey? Often along our path as caregivers, we experience what is known as a caregiver burnout. It is common for caregivers to experience prolonged, resolved stress which can cause emotional, mental or physical strain on caregivers.

Do you know the signs that you may be starting to experience a burnout? It’s important to be able to identify the signs that show up for you to help prevent and react quickly when you start experiencing a burnout.

Some signs of burnout include:
– Exhaustion
– Irritability
– Withdrawal from things you normally love to do
– Weight changes – gain or loss
– Changes in sleeping patterns
– Physical health changes i.e. stomachaches or headaches

If you find yourself starting to experience a burnout don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Find the tools that are going to help you reset and get back to your best self as quickly as possible whether that be through meditation, therapy or whichever methods work best for you.

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  • Crystal

    I’m a caretaker for my husband. He had his 3rd heart transplant on 01/27/17. His health has been a roller coaster ever since transplant. When I’m feeling a burnout coming on I get super anxious and irritable. I feel overwhelmed like I can’t even breathe. The things that help snap me out of it is to take my dog out for a nice long walk, or drive down to the beach which isn’t far from where I live and read a good book for an hour or so. It helps clear my mind so I can get back to caring for the love of my life when he needs me. ❤️

    • Keri Ann Walsh

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with caregiver burnout. I am the same way, I become anxious over even the littlest things and irritable. Getting outside or snuggles with my little guy help me. I’m sure cuddles with your pup are great too!

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